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I'm Sonia Bourdages, a versatile singer and actress with a background in music education from Canada. I relocated to Europe in my thirties. My passion lies in both the voice itself and the individuals who pursue creative endeavors.

My Story

My journey with the arts began at the  age of three when I discovered my love for singing. Growing up in Canada, I delved into the creative world early on, crafting my very first song at the age of seven for a local festival.

In my teens, I expanded my musical horizons by studying the saxophone, but my heart was always drawn to singing. At the age of 18, I made the transition to singing, marking the beginning of a my musical journey. Throughout my formative years, I lent my voice to choirs and performed as a soloist, even taking on the role of choir director. My passion for the arts extended beyond music as I delved into the world of acting.

At just 19 years old, I penned my own play and directed it at the music school where I was then studying. This early experience helped me realize that "ART"was destined to be a central part of my life.

My deep-seated admiration for artists arises from their ability to pour their hearts and souls into their craft, expressing the essence of who they are. Even when faced with challenges, I encourage you to stay on your chosen path. That's precisely why I created "Backstage of your Voice." It's not only a platform to pursue your journey but also a source of motivation to remain true to your calling and your authentic self.

Blessings on your artistic journey!

Thank you for your visiting my webpage!
Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch auf meiner Webseite!
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